The most amazing BBG ever! 
— Julie S.
This is the last stop for food before Skywalker Ranch, 6 windy miles farther down Lucas Valley Road. We stopped here with some trepidation, given the spare assortment of non-perishable foods and modest decor. But the BBQ steak sandwich was dynamite! We enjoyed our sloppy dinner while freezing in the dark in a turn-out down the road.
— John F.
I really can't believe how good their hot sandwiches are.  Fresh made with fresh tasty ingredients.  They have a nice patio in the front to enjoy your food.  I have yet to try the pizza but I'm sure thats pretty good too.  Grab a sandwich, an ice cold beverage, and a bag of chips and enjoy nature outside.
— Chai S.
The place is cleaned up and looks nice under new ownership. The Deli looked brighter than ever from the street, and once you walk in, you get a sense that care has come back to the place. After 11 years, I had a chicken sandwich there and it was great, chicken was awesome with just the right balance. Rene and his wife, a hard working couple, have turned the place around. I can't wait till they begin offering pizzas again, I am definitely coming back soon.
— Nick F.
Good burgers.  Owner and staff are friendly and it's an easy and convenient drop-in for the bare essentials (milk, beer, chips, etc).  

I think they probably also sell more fiery Cheetos than any store in the Bay Area given  that it's a favorite after school hang / drop in for school age kids.
— Jack L.